How is it different than the other form-builders?

There are many form-builders out there, so why did we build another one?
Because we believe that the current form-builders are too complicated, bloated and hard to use.
They were built for another decade and it really shows in their design and usability.

Intuitive and minimalist

Useform is built with simplicity in mind.
We want to make sure you can create forms without any hassle. Other form-builders are too complex and bloated with features that you don't need, slowing you down and making you less productive.

Built for the next decade

Useform is a modern take on form-builders.
Businesses are moving fast, you need to be able to move fast too. Useform is built with the today's businesses constraints to make sure you can create forms faster than ever.


Useform allows you to customize your forms to match your brand.
Other forms builders are too generic and don't allow you to customize your forms to match your brand.

Accessibility is important

Useform take care of all your respondents with accessible forms.
We're making sure that your forms are accessible to everyone including people with disabilities. Don't miss out on potential customers because your forms are not accessible.

Beautiful, usable designs

Useform support out-of-the-box great looking forms.
Have a nice looking design for your forms without the cost of spending hours designing them. We've got you covered.

Ditch your bloated form builder and
focus on what matters the most.

Create a form, embed it into your website and share it with your clients, in minutes.

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