Top 5 Online Form Builders, No-Code Forms

Top 5 Online Form Builders, No-Code Forms

Online forms are the go-to solution for many use-cases and needs. From surveys to lead generation and users' feedback, you'll find forms really useful to help your business grow in the right direction.

The ability to capture this data is vital, yet it can be overwhelming at first. That's why we recommend a list of 5 top online form-builders, without code.

Initially, you want to collect data and reorganize it effectively to meet your requirements and needs. Do you need a standalone form or to integrate into a website? What kind of audience are you targeting? Many factors comes to the choice of the right form-builder solution.

Let's take a look at the existing no-code form-builders.

Top 5 Form Builders

1. Useform

Useform is the ultimate solution for any kind of forms. From rendered HTML forms to a form back-end, the possibilities are endless thanks to the state-of-the-art form-builder.

Create your forms with ease, with a wide range of popular fields. There are many options to make sure the solution will meet your requirements. Embed easily into any website in a few lines of codes.

With the intuitive drag-and-drop form-builder, you'll spend less time building forms so that you can focus on what matters the most and maximize your ROI.

At Useform, we care about the forms rendered at the users' end:

  • Design customization, easily customize your forms' design without code to match your client or company branding.

  • Deeply customizable fields, with all the features you need for your next project requirements.

  • Professional templates, to get started with state-of-the-art forms that will increase your lead generation.

Create interactive forms that your users will fill with Useform, you can get started for free to see if it's the tool for your needs.

Pricing: Free plan, paid plans for powerful features & power users.

2. Google Forms

Google Forms is a versatile and user-friendly online tool developed by Google that allows individuals, businesses, and organizations to create custom surveys, questionnaires, quizzes, and data collection forms with ease. As part of the larger Google Workspace suite, Google Forms offers a seamless integration with other Google applications such as Google Sheets and Google Drive, making it a popular choice for collaborative projects, data analysis, and streamlined information management.

The interface of Google Forms is designed to be intuitive and straightforward, making it accessible to users with varying levels of technical proficiency. With a variety of question types – including multiple choice, short answer, dropdowns, checkboxes, and more – users can craft surveys that suit their specific needs. The platform also supports multimedia elements, allowing users to incorporate images and videos into their forms to enhance engagement and comprehension.

Pricing: Free, Google Account required.

3. Typeform

Typeform stands as a versatile online platform dedicated to crafting interactive and visually captivating surveys, questionnaires, and feedback forms. It is renowned for its sleek interface and user-centric approach, making it a preferred choice for those seeking both form functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Central to Typeform's allure is its unique approach to form design, which unfolds questions in a conversational manner. Rather than overwhelming respondents with a barrage of questions, Typeform presents queries one by one, creating an engaging and interactive user experience that encourages thoughtful responses. A variety of question formats, such as multiple-choice, short-text, and dropdowns, can be tailored to fit specific needs.

Pricing: plans starts at $29/month for 1 user.

4. Jotform

JotForm is an online platform designed for creating a wide array of forms, surveys, and questionnaires. It has gained recognition for its user-friendly interface and adaptable features, making it a favored choice for those seeking to construct functional forms with ease.

At the heart of JotForm's appeal is its capacity to cater to various form-building needs. From straightforward contact forms to complex event registrations, JotForm offers a diverse range of templates and customization options. This flexibility ensures that users can tailor forms to their precise requirements, no matter the complexity.

Pricing: the first plan (Bronze) starts at 29$/month.

5. Formsite

Central to Formsite's appeal is its ability to accommodate diverse form-building requirements. From straightforward contact forms to intricate event registrations, Formsite provides an array of templates and customization tools. This adaptability ensures that users can finely tune forms to their exact specifications, regardless of complexity.

An inherent strength of Formsite lies in its robust integration capabilities. Users can effortlessly link their forms to other applications and services, streamlining workflows and ensuring that gathered data flows efficiently to chosen destinations. This characteristic renders Formsite particularly fitting for businesses and organizations that require precise data management and automation.

Pricing: the first plan (Deluxe) starts at 24.95$/month.

Which form-builder solution to choose?

The answer can be subjective to your requirements. You'll need to analyze first if you want a free or paid solution. Then, determine what are your form requirements. For a very basic and simple form, you can go for Google Forms.

If you want to deliver high-quality forms, with custom styles and powerful features, we recommend you Useform as it can be your perfect form-builder solution.

The plans at Useform start for free, so you can determine if it's the right tool for your requirements. It's also one of the most economical and comprehensive form-builder.

Ditch your bloated form builder and
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