Single Page or Multi Page form?

Single Page or Multi Page form?

There has been a lot of debate about which type of form provides the best User Experience (UX). However, the answer is not definitive depending on the use-case, as there are both advantages & disadvantages to both.

In this article, we'll help you decide which one is the most appropriate for your use-case.

Single Page Form

  • Quick overview of all the fields: with a single page form, you have a quick overview of all the fields that you need to fill. Data is not spread hidden and spread into multiple pages and the navigation is easier. While in a multi page form, you need to click on buttons in order to navigate through the pages.

  • People tend to change and update the fields when they are about personal information. If your form contain many personal information fields, it's good to go with a single-page form.

  • Single type of information: if you take a single type of information, it's good to go with a single-page form as it will be really fast to fill the form. It also gives transparency to the user.

  • Faster to load: if you are using an old & obsolete form solution, your user will load multiple pages which can be slow, depending on the users' internet connection.

Multi Page Form

  • Less overwhelming: if you have a lot of fields to fill in your form, it's better to break it into multiple, small pages. This gives the user a sense of progression when navigating through your form.

  • It's a best practice to add a completion percentage in order to give more transparency to the users' form journey.

  • Help to group similar questions: you can group similar questions that have a topic in common into the same page. Your form will be better arranged and may lead to an increase of users' form completion.

  • Progression: as mentioned earlier, it's a must-have to include a progression-bar on a multi-page form. It gives an overview of the forms' length and if the user have enough time to fill the form. It also gives more transparency to the user.

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